Oh, Johnnie! Oh, Johnnie! Oh, Johnnie, OH!

hoge-700To my dear friend WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, MD. Now that you have my home address, I’d like to offer a bit of culinary advice for tbe people you send here to either harm or harass me.

No visit to Clinton, Iowa, is complete without a dinner at Rastrelli’s on Main Ave. in the Lyons shopping district. I’ve been a fan of the chow at Rastrelli’s since the early 1960s and they never disappoint. I just polished off a delicious lasagna, some wonderful homemade bread and a slice of cheesecake to die for. So make sure whoever you send to harm and harass me takes a few minutes to call ahead for take out. They’ll thank me.

DSC_0006Now, onto business. I went out to the radio station this afternoon to get my final paycheck. There was an envelope from you addressed to me. So, for the record, I received this document on March 31, 2017.

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