Oh, Johnnie! Oh, Johnnie! Oh, Johnnie, OH!

hoge-700To my dear friend WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, MD. Now that you have my home address, I’d like to offer a bit of culinary advice for tbe people you send here to either harm or harass me.

No visit to Clinton, Iowa, is complete without a dinner at Rastrelli’s on Main Ave. in the Lyons shopping district. I’ve been a fan of the chow at Rastrelli’s since the early 1960s and they never disappoint. I just polished off a delicious lasagna, some wonderful homemade bread and a slice of cheesecake to die for. So make sure whoever you send to harm and harass me takes a few minutes to call ahead for take out. They’ll thank me.

DSC_0006Now, onto business. I went out to the radio station this afternoon to get my final paycheck. There was an envelope from you addressed to me. So, for the record, I received this document on March 31, 2017.

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But Owain… I KNOW Who You Are!

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.54.31 AMThere are a couple questions Ms. “Owain Penllyn” needs to ask herself.

  1. Does she realize threatening someone online is a criminal offense in the state of Iowa?
  2. Does she realize harassing someone online is a criminal offense in the state of Iowa?
  3. Does she realize stalking someone online is a criminal offense in the state of Iowa?
  4. Given the sheer number of people who have been stalked, harassed and threatened by Ms. “Penllyn”, can she be SURE none of them have shared her identity with me and the proof of that identity?

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Did Maryland Muffinhead Murder My Missus? No. But…

If one is a decent human being, one does not allow comments on his or her website that are libelous on their face. However, WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, Maryland, is not a decent human being. He tosses out libelous theories and then disclaims responsibility for the things his commenters write… such as the suggestion that being my Parkinson’s disease caregiver killed my wife, Gail. Continue reading